Eli J. S. Weaverdyck

Eli Weaverdyck is a Roman historian and archaeologist specializing in ancient economies, landscape archaeology, and GIS. He earned his PhD from the Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology... Read more

Kathrin Leese-Messing

Kathrin Leese-Messing is a Sinologist educated at the Universities of Munich and Yangzhou, PR China. She wrote her PhD, which was funded by the German National Academic Foundation, on the... Read more

Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian is an archaeologist studying Rome’s eastern borderlands and the spaces beyond imperial control, focusing on the South Caucasus as well as the Circumpontic and Caspian zones. Her research... Read more

Lauren Morris

Lauren Morris is an archaeologist working on pre-Islamic Central Asia and Northwest India, with particular interest in the urban archaeology, numismatics, and commercial and diplomatic connections of the Kushans. She... Read more

Leonardo Gregoratti

Leonardo Gregoratti was educated at the Universities of Udine (Italy) and Trier (Germany). He has conducted research in Udine, Trier, Kiel and Bergen. Between 2013 and 2018 he collaborated with... Read more

Mamta Dwivedi

Mamta Dwivedi, a historian by training, was awarded her PhD degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, in 2016. Her doctoral research aimed at understanding the concept of wealth (artha),... Read more

Milinda Hoo

Milinda Hoo is a global and ancient historian specialized in globalization and Hellenism across central Eurasia (Central and West Asia). Her research interests include globalization, localism, inbetweenness, and cross-cultural relations... Read more

Nils Riach

Nils Riach is a research associate at the Chair of Physical Geography at the University of Freiburg. His research focuses on climate change and climate vulnerability in a regional and... Read more

Razieh Taasob

Razieh Taasob is a numismatist and archaeologist. She received her B.A. and M.A. in the archaeology of pre-Islamic Iran and Central Asia from Azad University of Tehran, Iran. Her M.A.... Read more

Sitta von Reden

Sitta von Reden, Principal Investigator of the project, is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Freiburg. Her main focus of research is the economic history of the Greco-Roman... Read more

Tsang Wing Ma

Tsang Wing Ma, historian of ancient China, received his B.A. (2005) and M.Phil. (2007) degrees at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Ph. D. degree (2017) at the University... Read more

Ursula Brosseder

Ursula Brosseder is a prehistorical archaeologist at the University of Bonn, studying the archaeology of Inner Asia and Mongolia from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period and beyond. She... Read more